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Artificial Wedding Flowers for a lasting memory of Your Wedding

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Flowers and decoration are most important in any wedding and there is a range of artificial silk flowers and accessories that we stock for specifically that purpose.

Using artificial flowers instead of real flowers has the advantage of having a permanent keepsake of your special day, right there, without the need for special preservation.
Even better: if you or any member of the bridal party (or even the guests) suffer from allergies or hay fever, artificial flowers will certainly prevent them from feeling uncomfortable or sneezing throughout the ceremony and reception.
Last, but not least, silk flowers are often a more cost-effective alternative to real flowers, especially for out-of-season varieties. (And some colours that are available in silk simply don't exist in nature.)

Bridal Party

Bride's and Bridesmaids' Bouquets

31cm Artificial Flowers Rose Stephanotis Lily of Valley Wedding Bouquet (20426252) Featured Bouquet - £9.98 - View Details

A selection of stunning bouquets, ready arranged with wired stems:
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Do also look at our other arrangements which often can be adapted or used as-is:
View all Arrangements


Wedding Flower Rose Stephanotis Lily of Valley Buttonhole (20820282) Featured Buttonhole - £2.48 - View Details

All our buttonholes have a safety pin for attachment:
View all Buttonholes

They are easily customised using single flower heads or heads from other items:
View Single Heads
View Plain Bushes


Wedding Table Gift: 6 Rose Scented Sachets with Velvet Rose Flower (23320099) Featured Accessory - £2.88 - View Details

A small selection of jewellery, table favours and other small wedding essentials.
View all Wedding Accessories

Venue Decoration

Table Decoration

Artificial Silk Wedding Flower Dew Drop Rose Ivy Wreath (20332840) Featured Centrepiece - £9.00 - View Details

Our 'traditional' style table centrepieces have flat bases and do not require vases to 'stand':
View all Centrepieces & Swags

For taller arrangements for use in vases, try our flower bush arrangements and single stems:
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View all Flower Stems


Artificial Silk Flower Rose w/ Buds Freesia Diamante Floral Garland (21022922) Featured Garland - £12.00 - View Details

Garlands are a must have for stairs, marquees, arches and trellises at the venue. Our garlands come in standard lengths and can be lengthened by chaining them together, or shortened by cutting:
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180cm Artificial Maple Leaf Garland / Vine (31033873) Featured Foliage - £5.40 - View Details

For covering up an otherwise empty corner or to add just a touch of green, our range of greenery including ivy and grapevines can probably help:
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Customer Stories

A few customers have sent us some lovely pictures of their wedding flowers on their special day. Please do note that we did not lend a hand in the decoration, customisation of the flowers or overall design of the venues, all of this is down entirely to their own creativity and planning (whether with or without professional help). More testimonials and feedback can be found on our 'Your Experience' page.

Wedding Flower Materials

Are they real silk? - unfortunately no
Please do remember that whenever you see 'silk' flowers advertised, they will in almost all cases not be made from real silk.
Most artificial flowers are in fact made from either foam or 'silky' synthetic fabric, which in the industry are then commonly referred to as 'silk flowers' for simplicity.
All our flowers are also made from synthetic fabrics including different kinds of polyester and velvety materials. One of the main reasons for using synthetic fabrics, rather than a natural one such as real silk, is that they are more durable, allow for better retention of their shape, and do not fade as quickly in sunlight.
So although there may be more expensive and purportedly more realistic alternatives available, synthetic flowers will in most cases offer you the best possible overall value.

Designs, Colours and Customisation

We are frequently asked whether it might be possible to adapt a particular design to a certain colour scheme, change or add flowers, alter the size, or perform other customisation.
The answer to these questions is 'yes', but as wholesalers (rather than florists) we can unfortunately not do this for you.

The reason the answer is still 'yes' is that all our products are designed with customisation in mind. It is very easy, for instance, to take off the flower heads from a wedding bouquet and replace them with flowers from one of our other flower bushes. Or centrepieces. Or Garlands!
This allows you to alter both the types of flowers, and their colour, simply by swapping them out.

To reduce the size of a bouquet you can simply use wirecutters to remove branches from the centre of the bouquet, rearrange the remaining flowers to fill resulting gaps, and be left with a perfectly matching, smaller bridesmaids bouquet (if we don't have a matching smaller one available in the range).

The same does of course apply to buttonholes, centrepieces and garlands. So if you need sunflower buttonholes, just take any of the ones we sell from stock, pick from an item that has sunflowers on it, and swap out the flowers.


All our products are ready-made which allows us to offer super fast dispatch and availability. It also means that we do not have a vast quantity of spare parts that we can send as free samples. However you may in any case not just want to check the colour, but also wish to hold the entire product in your hand, see its size, feel all the material on it (not just the flowers), and determine how many you need in total if you are searching for venue decoration where the quantity requirements aren't quite as straight forward as for the bride's bouquet.

So instead of sending free samples of just a petal or leaf, we suggest that you order a complete product as a sample.
If you find the flowers to be suitable, you will be in a perfect position to place a second larger order, ordering exactly the correct quantity and knowing exactly what you will be getting.
On the other hand - if you don't like the sample, or worse: you really hate it, then keep it unused, contact us within 10 days of receipt for return instructions, and once returned get a full refund. It means you will in effect only be paying for the return postage costs. (Please see our returns policy for more details.
Of course, even before ordering a sample please contact us for additional pictures that may help with comparing two items, for customisation suggestions (see above) and any other queries you may have.
We look forward to helping you as best as we possibly can!