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Searching on

Search box

Using the search box which is found in the top right hand corner of almost every page you can search for products by specifying keywords or a product code.
You can also use the 'Advanced Search' if you would like to search only in certain categories.

If you start with a 'simple' search first you will still be able to refine the results later (see below).

Advanced Search

Advanced Search Example

The advanced search allows you to select from the various categories, as well as specifying keywords for your search. Simply click on the selection menu for each group of categories that you wish to change, and select the category that you wish to restrict your search to. Or alternatively leave all categories as don't care as shown in the following example.

Example: Keyword only search

In this example we know exactly what we are looking for, namely red rose heads, so we simply enter this into the 'keyword' field and click 'Search'.

Keyword only search results

The search results page contains a brief summary of what you searched for at the top, followed by the list of items that matched the query, in this case 7 of them.
You will also notice links to sort the results by various attributes, including for example Unit Price and Popularity. Clicking on a sorting link the first time will sort the results in descending order, and clicking again will change to ascending sorting order. Click again and the order will be reversed once more.

Refining your search

Refine panel

Continuing from our example, you will notice a menu to refine your search on the left hand part of the screen. It allows you to alter the search parameters by adding or removing keywords, and adding or removing category restrictions.

In the screenshot to the right there are 4 noteworthy sections labelled 'A' to 'D' as follows:

  1. You can clear all filters at any time and return to the Advanced Search page by clicking 'start a new search'.
  2. All the specified keywords are displayed singly so that they can be removed one by one if desired. To remove a keyword simply click on it.
  3. To add one or multiple keywords, enter them into the input field and click 'Add'. The results will be updated and the keywords shown above to allow removal if necessary.
  4. Category restrictions can be added by clicking on the corresponding category link. The bracketed figures indicate how many results will (approximately) be left if you do apply this filter.

Let's now suppose that we are interested only in Mixed Arrangements. Taking the example further we can now click on 'Arrangements & Mixed Bunches' to add this category as a filter.

Refine panel after adding a category restriction

As expected you will find that there are now fewer results, and you will also notice that this category has been added as a filter. It can be removed again exactly like a keyword simply by clicking.

Other features and limitations


We hope that these examples were able to demonstrate the search and refine functionalities. The search is by far the easiest way to narrow down the vast number of products in our range, and here are a few more tips to make the most of this functionality: