GT Decorations - Quick Help

Personalised Quotes

It is not possible to use the checkout if your quote has expired (see below).

When you contact us for a quote we may create a shopping cart for your retrieval. This applies only to large international orders where a custom quote is required.

Retrieval / Restoring your quote

To retrieve your quote simply follow the retrieval link that was sent to you.

Making changes

Please note that any changes made to your cart will invalidate your quote. If you make changes you may contact us again to request a new quote using our contact form, or you can restore the quote by using the same link again as above.


Every quote has an expiry date until which we can guarantee the stated delivery cost.

If you find that the checkout or payment is disabled after retrieving your quote then it may have expired. We will have given you the expiry date when we sent you the link. You may contact us to renew your quote (or a new quote if courier prices have changed in the meantime).

Stock availability and product pricing

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to guarantee stock availability until you either purchase or reserve items (by paying a deposit). As such it is possible that items are out of stock by the time you try to order. Please contact us if you find this to be the case.