GT Decorations - Quick Help

Cart/Shopping Basket Page

The shopping basket (or cart) page shows a summary of what you have added to your shopping basket and allows you to keep track of your order total. It also allows you to amend your order in the following ways:

Adding more products

Continue to browse our catalogue and add items as required using their corresponding 'Add to Basket' buttons.

Changing Quantites

Each item has a quantity field. Type the desired quantity and click 'Update Basket' at the bottom.
It is possible to change multiple quantities at once.

Removing Items

Either click the red cross next to the quantity, or change the quantity to zero and proceed as above. Please note that you need to use the latter approach if you wish to remove an item and change other quantities at the same time.

Emptying your basket completely

A link for emptying your shopping basket ('remove all items') is provided in the bottom left corner of the list of items.

Selecting delivery region and delivery method

Use the drop-down menu to select your region first. If the page does not update automatically, click 'Update Basket'.
Then use the second drop-down menu to select a different option if the default is not appropriate.
See More information about delivery methods


Once you are satisfied, click the 'Checkout' button to proceed to checkout and payment steps.