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Please note: We are not currently able to guarantee dispatch times.
We have made the difficult decision of closing after over 16 years in business.
Prices have been reduced to clear across the board, but if you would take something if only it were cheaper, please add them to your basket and contact us with your offer.
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Returns and Refunds Policy

We are very confident that you will be happy with your purchase, but do realise that even if you're completely satisfied, plans may change or an event cancelled. The advice below will guide you through the simple process of returning an item.

Please note that this policy exists in addition to your statutory rights, which of course remain unaffected.

Your right to return as a Consumer
What if it's our fault?
Business/Trade returns

Your right to return as a Consumer

We offer a simple 14 days 100% Satisfaction returns policy in case you change your mind for whatever reason.

In line with the Consumer Contracts Regulations you have, as a consumer, an unconditional right to return within a 'cooling off' period of 14 days from the day following delivery.

How to request a return

Please simply email us with your order number to inform us about your wish to return the goods. We aim to acknowledge all return requests within 24 hours, however, you do not need to wait for our reply before proceeding with your return.
From the day you inform us that you wish to return your order, you have a further 14 days to post the goods back.
Unfortunately we are unable to accept your return and no refund will be made if goods are posted after this time, unless by prior agreement.

Refund processing

Refunds can only be made by original means of payment and are normally processed within 7 days, but in any case will be actioned no later than 14 days after either receiving your return or receiving proof of posting to us, whichever is earlier.
If you return your full order, and provided it is returned within the above period, your refund will normally include the full original delivery charge (see exceptions below). This means that in most cases you will only need to cover the cost of the return itself.

Unfortunately we are unable offer exchanges, but if you require a replacement item, then you are of course welcome to place a new order, whether before or after receiving your refund.

Taking 'Good Care' of the Products

You have a statutory duty to take 'good care' of the items you are about to return, and all products must be returned in a fully resellable 'as new' condition.
The regulations specify that you may examine an item to the same extent that would reasonably be allowed in a shop. Due to the nature of our products we hope you'll agree that it is simple and fair to consider the offer of a full refund on return as essentially an offer to buy the items back in exactly the same condition at exactly the same price and postage that you bought them for originally.
Here are some hints for a 'perfect' return:

  • Please open the box as per the instruction label on it. There will be a 'Peel Tape, Open Here' label on the front or side of almost packages: Simply use the untaped corner to easily remove the tape around the entire parcel without the need for cutting.
    Forcefully opening the package by other means can result in damage to the contents, and could additionally render the box unusable for return. You might then need to replace it at your own expense.
  • If you have ordered multiple identical items that come in their own packaging or are folded, please do not open more than one of them.
  • Where applicable, any labels must remain fully intact.
  • Where applicable, items should be in (undamaged) original individual packaging or otherwise the original packaging included. If there are stapled plastic bags, try using a staple remover to undo the hooks first and carefully slide out the staples rather than ripping the bag if you're unsure about the item just by looking through the bag.
  • Please avoid exposure to tobacco smoke, perfume, kitchen smells, etc, as this can soak into the fabric very quickly.
  • Please use suitable packaging (see above note about opening) to prevent damage in return transit.

Posting your Return

  • Unless agreed otherwise you will be responsible for the cost of return postage.
  • Please include the original packing slip or a photocopy, but to save paper it won't be necessary to print emails or other documentation.
  • You must email us first, but you do not need to wait for us to acknowledge your return request. Simply return it to the return address shown on the original delivery label.
  • Please remove or fully cover up the original labels.
  • We recommend that you use a carrier that offers proof of posting and sufficient compensation cover. Return goods in the post are your responsibility until they are delivered to us.
  • If possible we'd appreciate you letting us know when items have been sent together with any available tracking information.
  • Returns must be posted within 14 days of informing us of your wish to cancel. Please do not send anything back later, as we will not be able to offer a refund.

Partial returns: Multibuy discounts and delivery charges

If you are making a partial return, we will calculate your refund so that in monetary terms you end up the same as if you had placed an order for what you are keeping. This will take account of any multibuy offers or other discounts, as well as free delivery.

For example: Sam places an order for 4 items. Each costs £6, but there is a multibuy offer for 4 which reduces the total to £20. Sam then decides to return 2 of these items. Because the multibuy offer was only valid for 4 items, we would in that case refund £8. This way Sam will have effectively paid £12 for the two remaining items, as if the returned goods had never been purchased in the first place.


There are certain exceptional items that cannot be refunded:

  • Partially used gift vouchers
  • Items that we have customised or altered for you
  • Optional delivery upgrades such as Special Delivery
  • Overseas delivery - Unfortunately we are unable to refund original delivery costs for returns from outside the United Kingdom
  • Because flowers will be subject to personal tastes and preferences, we would generally recommend ordering single items as samples to check suitability if you have any doubts at all or if you're after a larger overall quantity. This will keep your return postage costs to a minimum if you do end up needing to return.

What if it's our fault?

'Our fault' covers the following (thankfully rare) circumstances:

  • An incorrect item has been sent
  • An incorrect quantity of items has been sent
  • An item was delivered damaged

We're extremely sorry if any of these happen - please notify us within 48 hours of delivery quoting your order number and the problem, and we will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

While your complaint is under consideration, please retain all packaging and documentation until the matter is fully resolved, and do not post any items back unless instructed.

To aid the investigation we may ask you to weigh everything that you have received, or take photos to show damages - both as evidence as well as to determine the best course of action. For example, we may be able to send you a replacement part to allow you to repair the item.

If a return is required, we will reimburse your reasonable return postage costs by means of a refund and any necessary replacements or parts will be sent free of charge.
If you opt for a refund rather than replacement, we will refund the full amount paid including delivery charges as applicable.

If you have reported damage and are returning the affected items, please note that if we cannot find the described damage, we will at the most be able to offer a full refund as if you had returned an unwanted item.

Business Customers

A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all business/trade returns, although exceptions may be made for individual items that have been bought as samples.
Business/trade returns must be requested within 7 days of delivery. Otherwise please proceed as above.