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Romantic Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

It’s fast approaching Valentine’s day, and flowers are the classic gift for a loved one so make sure your bouquet is just the right amount of romantic. Roses are the classic flower when it comes to romance and saying ‘I love you’ but there are other more unusual flowers that symbolise love and all things romantic.

Flowers within a bouquet, whether they’re artificial or real, should always complement each other whether you’re picking your own or a professional is helping, so why not consider these romantic flower alternatives when you buy your loved ones flowers next time:


Tulips- Tulips are often considered romantic due to their shades of pink and red, coupled with their seasonality as they tend to bloom in the spring which is considered a romantic season. Traditionally Tulips symbolise a lover’s shield that then wields, as the flower opens in the sunlight, to indicate their love for the recipient.


Lilies- Sometimes considered a more morbid flower; Lilies have shaken their reputation of ‘The funeral flower’ and have now become the more popular choice for lovers. With their strong perfumed scent and general elegance, the lily has grown to express passion and adoration- the perfect flower to show you care!



Roses- The classic symbol of love and passion is the humble red rose, with a single rose often being more symbolic than a mixed bouquet or bunch of roses. The word ‘rose’ means pink or red in many different languages, causing these two colours to be the most popular when it comes to buying roses for your loved one. Artificial roses are popular due to their long lasting symbolism, leaving the recipient with a more permanent gesture of love and passion.



Sun flowers- Their yellow and cheery appearance coupled with their size, makes the sunflower a very popular choice to show you care. Artificial sunflowers are the ideal gift for interior enthusiasts as their sunny, bright presence is guaranteed to transform any space and will ensure your symbol of love lasts longer! Real sunflowers give the extra gift of re-planting once they have died off, as the seeds become great planters with lots of people competing to grow the tallest sunflowers.




With so many more flowers symbolising love and admiration, why not try giving the gift of flowers with an alternative twist next time an occasion calls for it. Whether they are real or fake, flowers are always a sure way to

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