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Protect People With Allergies By Using Artificial Flowers

Flowers are ideal for livening up an entrance hall, hoe or event location. Their vibrant colours and pleasant shapes have been proven to improve the mood of all who see them. However, plants also contain and distribute certain substances that may be irritable and harmful to some people. If you are trying to welcome visitors to your location, the last thing you will want is for them to suffer any form of allergic reaction. To get the best compromise of decoration and safety, choose any one of the array of artificial flowers on offer.


People have allergies to many different substances. Fabrics in clothing may cause a rash or irritation, some people are allergic to foodstuffs such as nuts, while many people are susceptible to hay fever at different times on the year. In fact, it is estimated that on average one in three people will contract some sort of allergy throughout the course of their life.

Hay Fever

How does hay fever work, and why does it only effect certain people? Well, allergic rhinitis (the technical term for hay fever) is an allergic response to microscopic substances such as pollen, which are found in the air during certain times of the year. In some cases the body may be allergic to a variety of spores and substances resulting in a year round allergy, though the most common time for irritation is during the summer and the start of autumn.

Trees, grasses and weeds call produce pollen, the primary source of hay fever, however in the autumn spores released by moulds can have a similar effect. Pollen and spores, seeing as they are microscopic, can become caught on clothing and carried on the wind, meaning that even if you are in an urbanised area you can still suffer from hay fever.


The immune system of the human body will consider any spores or pollen an invader if you have hay fever. This will result in swelling in certain areas to stop the pollen from spreading further in the bloodstream, as well as sneezing in an attempt to expel it. Fatigue and general soreness is typical for those with hay fever. Hay fever effects around one in five people, a significant proportion of the population, and it can exacerbate existing conditions such as asthma. Given that asthma is one of the most prevalent respiratory conditions, substituting genuine flowers for synthetic variants could benefit a large amount of people.

Artificial Plants

Artificial greenery is perfect for those who suffer from hay fever but still want to enjoy the beauty of flowers. Artificial flowers are life-like both in appearance and touch. They look pleasant on any desk or venue, and will not irritate the immune systems of any visitors or colleagues.

Those wishing to purchase wholesale artificial greenery are spoilt for choice. With a wide selection of items, customising your own floral display has never been easier on your wallet or your body.

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