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Christmas Arrangements

Bring some festive flare to your home this Christmas with some Christmas floral arrangements. You probably have the tree up by now and maybe a few twinkling lights on the outside of your house but have you thought about your dining table or perhaps the mantelpiece?

Decorate with artificial flowers and plants this Christmas and have a very merry time with these seasonal plants:


These beautiful red flowering plants are traditionally used at Christmas to bring a little colour to a home. With their green leaves these plants fit perfectly with the seasonal colour code and add a floral touch to a time where trees dominate.

Poinsettia look lovely wrapped around the base of a candelabra or as part of a wreath hung on your door.





Pine cones

Go on a winter walk over the festive season and pick up a few pine cones. These look lovely placed on your tree or spray them gold for a tasteful ornament. If you don’t have time to go for a stroll then you could always purchase some pine cones online. They are reasonably priced and are a pleasant distraction from the usual tacky Christmas ornament.

Add a paper name tag and use the pine cones as table placements so people know where to sit at the table or attach them to a little bit of ribbon and create a napkin tie.


Add artificial red berries to all floral arrangements for a natural adornment. Along with plenty of greenery and some pine cones you can bring a real sense of the outside into your home. Sprinkle with some silver glitter for extra magical Christmas sparkle. You could even put them on your wreath or attach them to a hair band. Just be careful young children or pets don’t think they’re real and try eating them!


Have you had your eye on someone for a while now and fancy a cheeky little kiss? Then stock up on mistletoe as it is tradition to have a kiss under this plant at Christmas. Hang some from a doorway or archway and stand nearby for a smooch as your crush walks by. Mistletoe can also make a tasteful present topper instead of the traditional ribbon bow or gift tag.


Holly is everywhere at Christmas, in wreaths, floral displays or used in illustrations. It even features in many Christmas carols such as ‘The Holly and the Ivy’. Use as a decoration for presents with twine and brown paper or newspaper. Be careful not to prick your finger on the sharp points!

If you are feeling crafty create your own Christmas cards with some holly and green paint. Simply paint the leaves and use as a stamp. Repeat another two times and leave to dry. Lovely!

So will you be decorating with artificial flowers and plants this Christmas? They are great for money saving as you can keep them with your artificial tree ready for next year. However you decorate we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from GT Decorations.

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