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Children’s Flower Names

Are you expecting a little one any time soon? Yes, congratulations? Have you picked a name yet?
Here at GT Decorations we love everything flowery; cheap artificial flowers, flower prints and of course flower names. So, we suggest if you have a little girl to name her after a flower. What do you think?
Here is our pick of the best flower inspired names and what they mean:

Flowery Girls Names

Daisy – Daisies are charming and simple. They are fresh faces, wholesome and extremely energetic. Daisy was originally a nickname for ‘Margaret’ but in recent decades has become popular in its own right.

Iris – The name Iris has Greek origins and mythology tells the story of the messenger-goddess Iris who once rode rainbows between heaven and earth delivering messages from the god’s of Olympus. Iris went out of fashion for a while but was brought back recently when Jude Law gave the name to his daughter.

Jasmine – Made popular by Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin (1990), Jasmine derives from the name Yasmin.

Lily – The name Lily symbolises innocence, purity and beauty. It can also be a short for Lillian if spelt with 2 l’s.

Rose – The name Rose was brought to Britain in the 11th century by the Normans and can be traced back to the Old German for ‘horse’. Rose is a popular name among Christians and Catholics as the flower is a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Violet – Violet is another word for the colour purple and is one of the earliest flower names in existence. Shakespeare was a fan of the name and used it as the name of his heroine, Ballerina Violette Verdy in Twelfth Night. The name has also been popularised by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck who gave the name to their daughter.

Bryony – Bryony is a Greek name which means ‘climbing plant’.

Ivy – Ivy has recently seen a surge in popularity as Beyonce and Jay Z gave it as a middle name to their daughter Blue. Ivy is an Old English name which comes from the climbing plant. Ivy is closely related to the boys name ‘Ivo’ which is a saint’s name.

Petunia – A petunia is a humble flower and therefore such a quality is bestowed on the person given the name.

Hyacinth – Famed for the Keeping Up Appearance television character, Hyacinth has gone somewhat out of fashion. The name has Greek origins and the plant shares its name with a colour between sapphire and violet. Hyacinth was also the name of a 3rd century saint.

Poppy – A perfect companion for Daisy, Poppy is an Old English name made famous by British model and sociality Poppy Delevingne and Poppy Honey, the daughter of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Heather – Heather is a plant that can survive in barren and dry lands and therefore is given to a person who is a survivor. The name Heather has a Middle English origin and is said to have an upper-class aura about it.

Azalea – An unusual name growing in popular, Azalea can be spelt a number of ways and has Greek origins.

Dahlia – This Swedish and Scandinavian name translates as ‘valley’ and was given to name the flower in honour of the 18th century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.

Fern – Fern is an Old English name deriving from ‘Fearn’ or also spelt Fearne. It may also be short for Fernanda.

Do you like any of these names for your child? Don’t forget to send us a photo of little Lily or Poppy when their born!

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