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Spring Flowers, Births and Christenings

Spring is on its way! Soon we’ll see daffodils poking up in the grass and baby lambs being born – hopefully the weather will get a bit better as well. With spring comes new life and what better time to christen your little one?

If you are a Christian then having your child christened can be an important rite of passage and a good excuse for a good party. You’ll have to book the church, a venue for after, invite the guests, oh and organise the food. But what about decorations? How do you decorate a venue for a christening?

Here is some inspiration:



Flowers look great as centre pieces on party tables and are a great way of adding a little colour to the church for the ceremony. For a pretty in pink theme for a little girl create displays of pink roses, sweet peas and delphiniums with a scattering of white daisies. For a boy combine blue irises, forget-me-nots and white roses or for gender neutral displays calla lilies are a great option.

If arranging fresh flowers isn’t an option due to the budget or perhaps because you don’t have the time with a baby then why not invest in artificial flowers? We have a large variety of occasion flowers here at GT Decorations and they are much more hassle free than the real deal. Plus they’ll last forever!


On the Tables

At a christening people are likely to spend a lot of time sat at or mingling around the tables, especially so if there are young children in attendance. So you want to make the table decorations look interesting but you don’t want anything that can be picked up and ate by wandering little fingers.

Pastel coloured paper plates and cups are a great way of adding colour while still remaining child friendly, and sweat trees or cake pop bouquets add a yummy interactive element to the display. A huge cuddly toy would also look cute.


Wall Decorations

Who doesn’t like a good balloon? You can even have a balloon artists create a rattle out of balloons to fit with your colour scheme. Weight these down with ribbon and some baby booty ornaments and you won’t have to worry about them flying away.

Decorate the walls with bunting that spells out words or sayings such as ‘baby’, ‘christening’ or even the child’s name. These are great space fillers and are easy to make with some paper, scissors and glue.


An Added Something Special

If you want to do something truly unique why not build a time capsule at the party. Cover a box with decorative paper prior to the party and cut a post slot in the top. Ask guests to write on a piece of paper what they think your child will be like when they are grown up. Post these papers into the box and keep sealed until their 18th birthday where they can open them and see if any of the predictions came true.

Perhaps people will think they will turn out a very academic, good looking, musician? You never know.

Do you feel inspired now to decorate your christening venue? Don’t forget to send us photos of any flowers you use!

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