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It’s been proved by studies over the years that human beings enjoy an environment that includes some healthy-looking greenery. So it’s a good idea to surround ourselves in both our working spaces and our homes with plants and flowers.

However, that brings maintenance – how many people complain that they don’t have green fingers and simply kill any house plants they come into contact with? Plants need constant watering, re-potting and feeding, and it can be a hassle to make sure they stay in the condition you want them to exhibit.

No wonder, then, that many interior decorators and designers turn to artificial greenery, floral arrangements and trailing plants when putting the finishing touches to their designs. We have many different types of customers who use our artificial flowers, ranging from hotels and wedding venues to bed and breakfasts, restaurants and floral designers.

For instance, a staircase can be turned into something fabulous for a bride to glide down and have her pictures taken on if you decorate it with one of our wonderful artificial flowers garlands. Our range is so wide, you can choose by colour, or select by individual flower types, such as roses, gerbera and daisies.

While we carry a huge range of silk flowers, we also specialise in paper flowers, trailing greenery and other types of floral arrangements. They are all simply beautiful, and guaranteed to last a lot longer than their equivalents in real flowers. Perfect for creating a beautiful corner that will give pleasure over and over again.

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