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Chart the Floral Seasons through your Venue

Following the changing seasons isn’t just about when the leaves fall and the holly comes out! The floral calendar is diverse and wonderfully exciting to follow all year round. Here are a few seasonal recommendations to help keep your venue 100% in tune with the natural year.

When nature really sings, it’s time to display all the brightest blooms! Tulips are excellent silk flowers to use throughout spring, as are lilies, crocus and other bulb-flowering plants. We love to make the most of dainty blooms like buttercups and pansies in spring floral arrangements.

The humble daisy is one of our favourite summer silk flowers! If spring is all about colour, then summer is about the glorious partnership of abundant greenery and floral treats. Top summer blooms include roses, delphinium and sunflowers. A splash of green pine spray brings summer floral arrangements to life.

The oranges and tans of autumn are wonderfully suited to Halloween. Our Halloween artificial greenery selection is designed to make the most of the warming autumnal palette. 2011’s most popular products were variations of Chinese Lantern stems.

Although the poinsettia is the winter plant du jour, there are plenty of opulent blooms that fit the bill. Orchids make superb winter flowers because of their variation and drama. If you don’t want to go too over-the-top festive, opt for deep hues of burgundy, dark blues and whites to play up the “winter” angle rather than focussing on Christmas.

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