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Verdant Plants For Flourishing Businesses

Flowers are great to have around a commercial area since they add a natural dash of colour that can stop a facility from seeming too sterile, which is particularly important for hotels and reception areas of all companies. The obvious problem with this is that the flowers need the constant attention of a gardener to keep them looking good. For many companies, this is simply not viable, so they will be looking for alternatives. At GT Decorations, we have the answer: an exhaustive range of artificial flowers that look fantastic no matter where they are placed. The great thing is that they will require the minimum of maintenance with a light clean being the most they require unless they have sustained damage. Damage is unlikely however, since they are hardy and can withstand being caught and pulled. Our silk artificial greenery can be combined with artificial flowers to create a flower bed that is plush, verdant and punctuated with colour, instantly transforming the area into a place that is inviting and natural in its recreation.

Our bushes of flowers can also be placed in vases on tables to create the perfect look that visitors will notice and may mistake for the real thing. From the most detailed sunflowers to rose and gypso floral arrangements, these flowers will add some artistry to restaurants and business canteens alike. It is worthwhile remembering that flowers have a positive effect on those who are around them, improving mood and making the place seem warmer and more inviting. This works for both employees as well as visitors and can improve the wellbeing and loyalty of staff. It also helps the image and perception of the company as one that is more in tune with nature and takes care and pride in its appearance.

The flowers we have do not have to be typical, they could also be more like foliage. Strategically placed silk artificial greenery near lights and across walls can help to soften the room, detracting from long walls of plasterboard with hanging baskets or perhaps bushes in the corners of rooms. Our diverse array of plants can add some texture and colour as well as promoting some diversity in the type of plants that are in certain areas. We have potted options from snake plants to flower grape vines and bird of paradise options. Each brings something very specific and unique to proceedings and will not go unnoticed by visitors, even if they don’t explicitly remark on it. It will still have that all important subconscious effect.

Our trailing artificial plants are perfect for hanging baskets which can be hung either side of an entry way. The prove to be a very popular option, particularly if the colouring of the plant is like the colours of your brand. Alternatively, greenery is again a good option that makes everything seem that much more well cared for. Trailing ivy is one of the most popular with businesses whereas Bougainvillia is perhaps a better option for hotels who want to introduce that little bit of extra variety for guests.

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