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Using Artificial Greenery in Outdoor Spaces

The addition of plants in outdoor spaces can add a touch of personality to otherwise cold and uninviting areas.  For example, they can turn an office block’s exterior into a place where its employees will love spending time and a hospital courtyard into a home away from home.  For places like these, that may not have the time of the money to maintain a garden, artificial greenery is the perfect solution.

When placing your artificial greenery, always consider the space you have.  Even the smallest of spaces can be improved with the addition of some plants.  For example, a row of artificial hedges can make an office entryway far more inviting and potted artificial plants can add a touch of colour to a small courtyard.

Artificial greenery and plants are ideal for experimenting.  You can play with dramatic colours to see what works best in the space you have.  Certain outdoor spaces, particularly courtyards, can be very dark.  Decorating them with brightly coloured flowers can make them appear lighter than they actually are.  You can even use artificial greenery on building fronts.  Artificial trailing plants hanging from window boxes can create and incredibly dramatic façade.

Artificial greenery can even be used for privacy.  Some selectively placed artificial hedges can prevent people from seeing into windows without looking too imposing.  Certain trailing plants, like ivy, can also be used to subtly hide a window.  And because of the durability of artificial greenery, you can feel confident that your plants will stand the test of time.

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