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Using Artificial Greenery and Trailing Plants

There are many problems artificial greenery and trailing plants solve which living ones can’t. For example, if you live in a flat and your balcony seems to be permanently in shade or it’s too cold for trailing plants outside, but you have no room for them indoors, or if your landlord has banned plants which drip onto the balcony below yours, fake plants really come into their own.

Use the same sense of proportion you would with living plants. On a small terrace, for example, consider tall artificials such as ficus or palms, which give maximum display with minimum floor space. You may want to concentrate on a few medium-to-large plants rather than many small ones.

Wash off built-up airborne grime with mild soap and water. Small plants, especially those with silk flowers, can be dusted with a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Flowering plants which have survived the summer unscathed by the weather or sun can be air-dried and stored in plastic bags until it’s time to recreate your plantings again.

At GT Decorations, we have a wide range of artificial greenery and plants. You can see detailed photos of all our products online, and all our prices include VAT. Our artificial flowers and trailing plants look great in any home or business, from hotels to offices and bed and breakfasts. As one of our customers, you’ll receive a high level of service, and fast delivery of your order. Learn more from our website – log on today.

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