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Update Your Corporate Furnishings with Silk Flowers and Trailing Plants

The task of giving even the smallest office a frugal facelift is often a daunting and seemingly impossible one! If it’s all come down to you and your thrifty decoration skills, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

A pleasant working environment is essential in terms of the productivity and workplace heath of both employees and clients. Employees are particularly at risk of unsatisfying performance when handcuffed to a dull, badly lit, lifeless office. Similarly, the faith of potential clients can be shaken irreparably at the sight of a badly maintained, dreary, de-motivating office environment.

Breathing new life into an office without blowing the budget is easier than you might think. Here are our expert tips on bringing a little cheer to your workplace!

Lighting – Replacing harsh or particularly dull lighting with something a little more fitting can be immensely beneficial. Inadequate lighting is one of the top gripes of employees the world over.

Office Accessories – Sprucing up the office with any of our silk flowers and trailing plants is a great way to cost-effectively add a little vital colour to the daily working lives of dedicated employees. It’s commonly thought that a little colour goes a long way, so invest in a few thoughtfully sited artificial floral arrangements and foliage.

Office Equipment – Although not technically decoration, broken or inefficient equipment is arguably more detrimental than any other environmental consideration. Replace that broken photocopier/ancient fax machine/flickering desk lamp before undertaking cosmetic changes in order to encourage a happy, productive workforce.

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