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Unique uses of artificial plants at home

From where you are sat take a look at your windowsill, the mantelpiece and the table. You have a flower arrangement on at least one of these don’t you?

Flowers and plants in the home are traditionally used as display objects in pretty vases or pots. There’s nothing wrong with this concept but have you ever considered thinking outside the box? Pick cheap artificial flowers and get a little creative. Can’t envision it? Here’s a few ideas:


Do you have an empty gap above your kitchen cupboards, your shower or wardrobes? You could always use this as extra storage, but just because this junk is placed up high it doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear. It can look cluttered and simply not aesthetically pleasing.

Make these spaces beautiful using greenery and bring a sense of the outside in. Trail ivy along the top of kitchen cupboards or take inspiration from a customer of ours, Sonia Follows who placed ferns in her bathroom above her chic walk in shower.

Shower Room with Boston Ferns

Shower Room decorated with Boston Ferns



Children’s bedrooms

If you have a little princess who wants a girlie bedroom to match her personality then cheap artificial flowers can be a great crafting material. Interweave artificial flowers to form curtain ties or glue flower heads to the edge of a lampshade and curtain rail for some truly adorable decor. Flower power is a great theme for a little girl’s room as it has longevity and they won’t grow out of it.


Floral word art

Typography is becoming increasingly popular as wall art! Homeowners are buying wood or fabric initials and giving them pride of place on their living room walls and mantelpiece so get on trend and create your own with a floral twist.

Creating DIY floral letters is simple to do if you have some spare time on your hands and can look so stylish. Use thick floral wire to mould the letter shapes to your desired size and using a hot glue gun safely cover the sharp edges with fabric. Pick your blooms of choice and remove their heads before attaching to the letters. Aim to cover the entire front surface of the letters without any gaps.

When your finished leave to dry and give your artistic piece pride of place. You deserve to show off your hard work!

NYX 2013_05_03_0782

Animal homes

Are you an animal lover? Well update your home as well as your pets using artificial plants to create a realistic vision of their natural habitat. Many of our clients have used artificial plants for a variety of animal homes ranging from Allison McMullen and her chameleon’s terrarium to Norrie Crook’s scratching post creation for her feline friends Angus and Theo.


Can you think of any other novel uses for artificial flowers or plants? We have a large variety of stock so let your imagination run wild and don’t forget to send us some pictures!

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