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The Psychology of Colour in the Work Environment

Office design is not a science, however there are a number of experimental psychological techniques at work when a working space is devised, covering everything from the colour of silk flowers to chair shape. Although no longer in its infancy, the psychology of colour within working environments still has a lot to offer every type of business – for example, we love nothing more than to be surrounded by every colour of the rainbow!

Colour is one of the most effective tools in the arsenal of environmental control. The instinctive reactions we have to certain colours (e.g. green trailing plants are soothing) helps to dictate what colours are most conducive to a harmonious working environment. Identifying the emotions and behavioural norms associated with particular colours, tones and shades, a designer can get to work creating the optimum working environment. For example, using warm colours in the foreground (desks, chairs, artificial flowers) and cool colours in the background (walls, doors) enhances the perception of depth and can bring a dull or dreary office space to life. In turn this motivates workers.

Enhancing the working environment of your staff could prove instrumental in getting the most out of a workforce. Consider calming green trailing plants, inspirational blue silk flowers and lively yellow floral arrangements.

Our range of artificial flower and greenery has been amassed over the years thanks to our accomplished knowledge of how beneficial artificial floral decoration can be in terms of motivation, reassurance and your workforce. Take a look at our “Colour Coded” blog entry for ideas.

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