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The Many Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers in the Hospitality Industry

If you run an establishment which operates in the hospitality industry such as a hotel, country club, cafe or restaurant; you will know how important it is to ensure your guest areas look attractive and feel inviting. The addition of flowers is often seen as being a good way of helping to achieve this as their beauty and charm can effortlessly improve a dinner table setting or compliment a lobby area decor.

However, with the hospitality industry now having to make the same kinds of cutbacks as most other struggling sectors, you may be finding that you can no longer afford to spend endless amounts of cash on the beautiful, fragrant yet ultimately very short-lived decorative qualities of fresh flowers.

Fortunately, artificial flowers made of silk can be just as effective as fresh flowers in such circumstances. Indeed, whilst they may not deliver as much in the way of fragrance, artificial blooms can look every bit as beautiful, colourful and alluring as the most attractive fresh flowers.

In addition, to being far more cost-effective, silk flowers can also provide companies in the hospitality industry with several other key benefits:

They last much longer

Perhaps the greatest benefit of artificial blooms is that they never wilt or look as if they are dying. Not only does this mean that your premises will always look bright and attractive, it also ensures that you never have to ask your staff members to take time away from their core responsibilities to walk around the building with a watering can.


Many people are allergic to flowers or have seasonal allergies that are triggered by nature. Naturally, having flowers around people who are going to react badly to them can cause scenes which you would surely prefer your establishment to avoid. Fortunately, the presence of silk arrangements in your guest areas will ensure that your business never has to witness any such scenes.


The fact that artificial flowers are not subject to seasonal growth makes them a particularly appealing addition for hospitality businesses which operate in sensitive climates. After all, it can often prove difficult to find great looking flowers in the middle of winter; however, a silk arrangement can provide your establishment with perfect looking flowers regardless of where it is located or what the time of year is.

You have more choice

Whenever you buy fresh flowers, you are generally limited to whatever flowers are in season at the time. When you buy silk flowers however, you can mix and match the arrangement as much or as little as you like. Indeed, artificial blooms are able to offer a great deal in the way of variety and choice.

So, if you want to make sure the flowers in your restaurant, hotel, cafe or country club look appealing, last a long time, save you money and don’t upset your guests; ensure you invest in some beautiful silk arrangements from us here at GT Decorations.

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One Response to The Many Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers in the Hospitality Industry

  1. Ronny Howard says:

    I have a daughter that is in the hospital right now and we are wanting to bring her some flowers. The biggest reason I want them to be artificial is because they will never wilt or look as if they are dying. I love the fact that they can last as long as they need to until she gets better.

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