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The Impact of Flowers in Your Hotel or Office

Flowers are a great way of brightening up a room or entrance foyer, but having fresh floral arrangements can be extremely costly, in terms of both time and money. There’s nothing worse than seeing a bunch or display of wilting blooms that have seen better days, and these can have the opposite effect on your customers and visitors than the fresh bunch had days earlier.

Artificial flowers, on the other hand, require minimal maintenance to remain looking bright and inviting all year long. As with any other stationery object, they will gather dust over time and will need a quick dusting to stay fresh-looking, but there’ll be no need to water them or pick up fallen petals.

If you’ve previously turned your nose up at silk or other artificial flowers for looking too ‘artificial’, you’ll find that materials and design have much improved over the years. You must have found yourself in a situation at least once or twice where you’ve questioned: “Is that plant real?” For the highest quality blooms, opt for real silk flowers. These are also a popular choice for businesses because as well as being extremely durable, the silk is also fire retardant, meaning that you can fulfil health and safety practices at the same time.

There are many other advantages to choosing displays of artificial flowers over fresh floral arrangements. If you keep a fresh vase of flowers on your hotel’s reception desk, for example, you’ll find after a while that some of your guests (or even staff) go away sneezing and snuffling. For those who suffer from hay fever or other allergies, having flowers everywhere is a nightmare – unless, of course they’re artificial. Opting for silk or other kinds of artificial flower displays around your hotel foyer, and perhaps even in the hotel rooms themselves, means your guests can enjoy their wonderful appearance without needing to constantly reach for a tissue.

Of course, flower displays are not just reserved for hotels. Having some colourful arrangements around your office can lift the mood of your staff and customers. In fact, many shops and offices even use flower displays as part of sensory marketing – appealing to the customers’ different senses to encourage them to buy the products. Even if your office doesn’t receive customers directly at its premises, some beautiful bouquets around the place will brighten the room(s) up no end. You’ll soon notice the impact they have on your staff’s productivity, morale and customer service skills. Offices can tend to be bland and characterless, so some creative colourful displays will add a touch of personality and warmth.

Having decided that artificial is the way forward for your business, you might want to spend some time browsing our site to choose what kind of flowers will work best. You might already have a colour scheme in mind that you want to implement or match, or you might know which particular flowers you’d like to see. Either way, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our range of over 400 products.

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