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How Hotels Can Win Loyal Visitors With Artificial Flowers

A visit to a hotel should be a luxurious event that offers the highest standard of service when it comes to relaxation. People visit hotels for a variety of reasons, whether it is staying over for a business meeting, a weekend alone for two, or mini vacation for the family. There is one factor that everyone expects though, and that is quality. With this in mind, there are various ways in which a hotel can impress its visitors. Friendly staff and pleasant decoration, cleanliness and light, all of these give a hotel a good impression. However, it is the finer details which really separate the best from the average, details so subtle they may not be immediately obvious like silk flowers.

Flower Psychology

Although usually used to describe hippies, ‘flower power’ applies just as easily to the effect flowers can have on emotional well being. The presence of flowers can trigger a sense of satisfaction, calmness and happiness. They also influence the way people socialise, making them behave in a more positive manner. This influence is acutely felt by people that work in offices and are surrounded by foliage, but it can benefit all sorts of industries.

Hotels in particular can reap the rewards of having flowers in the foyer and guest bedrooms. Given that a hotel thrives on reputation, building a strong client base is crucial. One sure-fire way of securing return visitors is to provide the best service possible, which can be enhanced with the use of flowers.

Hotel Reputation

A recent survey of online review sites has revealed that in most cases, visitors do not get what they expect. Often a service is average when it is proclaimed to be luxurious. As people become more and more reliant on the convenience of the internet, reviews can have a serious impact on business.

For example, when browsing for a good place to stay price and location are often key factors, but this will be void if the hotel’s website is littered with a series of one star reviews from unsatisfied visitors. Ensure that your hotel or business does not fall victim to this trap by furnishing your building with artificial flowers.

‘Silk’ Flowers

Silk flowers, made of synthetic silk-like material, are cheap and robust plant substitutes that can enhance any location. In a hotel they will make a great first impression to those checking in, and seeing as they are artificial they are always going to appear fresh and radiant. Although flowers can cheer people up, it is unlikely that a vase of drooping petals is going to secure return visitors.

Artificial flowers are a small expenditure that could secure future business. With a huge catalogue of flowers to choose from, you can make displays to suit different times of the year that are guaranteed to last the duration of the summer or the Christmas period. Life-like to the touch and long lasting, synthetic flowers will please both visitors and staff alike.

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