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GT Decorations better than real flowers

At one time, artificial flowers were a sad alternative to the real thing, stiff and unconvincing. These days, though, artificial flowers are not only a great alternative – they can even be better than real flowers.

At GT Decorations, we work with many businesses and venues who need flowers on a regular basis, and who find our floral arrangements a delightful and practical way to decorate their dining tables, rooms and reception areas.

Our customers appreciate the exquisitely-made floral arrangements that we offer in silk and other materials because they are not only beautiful, they are durable – these flowers are not going to droop and wither in a few days. Another advantage is that artificial flowers do not, of course, have pollen – which is important if you are catering for an occasion such as a wedding where the guests will be wearing their best clothes and do not want to be daubed with indelible golden stains.

We find our floral arrangements are also enormously popular with interior designers and decorators, who use them to add that important final touch to the homes and offices they are designing. For their customers, artificial flowers are a convenient no-maintenance way to brighten and perfect their environment – but once in place, they simply need dusting rather than constant watering, trimming and repotting.

With arrangements to suit every kind of décor or requirement, we know we can provide beautiful additions to any event or environment – and at a price that may surprise you!

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