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Give the gift of flowers

Do you always give loved ones a bouquet of flowers on their birthday, anniversary or to say good luck? Thinking this is getting a bit repetitive and looking for something a little different? Check out these cool floral gifts with a twist. You’ll never see the classic bouquet in the same way again.

Artificial flower baskets

Instead of a bouquet or a potted plant try a display of artificial flowers in a basket. This looks great at Christmas mixed with pine cones and glitter or display with fruit in the spring for a fresh and colourful basket. Plus because the flowers are artificial they won’t go off; this decoration will last for years rather than days like a regular bouquet.

Flower cake

If you are feeling particularly crafty and can source some cheap flowers then why not create a masterpiece as a birthday gift? Invest in a foam block in a wide flat cylinder shape and cut the flower stems so they are only an inch or two long. Pierce the foam with the flowers so that the whole shape is covered apart from the bottom.

GT decorations flower heads would be perfect for this. Place some candles in the top and voila! You have a floral cake.



Wreaths are traditionally displayed at Christmas but you can use them throughout the year too. Purchase a wreath of flowers rather than greenery and hang in a light airy room to add a splash of colour to your home. These make great presents

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Old vases, bottles or fish bowls make great terrariums. Wash out the containers and lay a few inches of gravel or pebbles at the bottom. This will be used for drainage. Cover with a thin layer of charcoal and top with a light layer of peat. Plant a shallow rooted plant and water.

Once established gift the terrarium along with instructions of how to care for the plant. Terrariums look beautiful at the centre of a dining table or in a conservatory.

Cake pops

Cake pops are the treat of the moment and these bite sized beauties can be customised to almost any design. Send a present of edible flowers by purchasing some cake pops decorated with icing flower heads. Bunched together these look just like a bouquet except much yummier.

If you don’t think they’ll enjoy cake then you could always punch together a load of lollipops. Make sure their colourful and you’re sure to excite the receiver’s sweet tooth.

Flowers made of socks or baby clothes

Do you know someone who is expecting a new born some time very soon? Then give them something that is not only useful but looks fabulous. Pick up a cheap bouquet of artificial flowers and de-head them. To the top of the stalks add crocodile grips, roll up baby socks, bibs or hats and hold them in place with the grips. The rolled up fabric will look like a rose or tulip – with a little imagination.

Make sure to put in a vase or bottle and decorate with a big bow and plenty of ribbon. Congratulations on the baby!

Have these ideas inspired you? Good, get gifting!

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