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Fresh Flowers for Events

Do you have your wedding coming up, or maybe a big birthday?  Perhaps you manage events as part of your job? Whatever the reason to celebrate, you’ll need to decorate the venue before the guests arrive. If balloons aren’t your thing then try decorating with flowers.

Whether you decorate with fresh or artificial flowers is completely up to you. To help you decide here is a quick guide to the pros and cons to the real deal.


Wilting real flowers

Fresh flowers


Fresh flowers have been traditionally used in homes, at events and ceremonies as they are the real deal; they are not an imitation. These can also be used as a status symbol to show off the host’s wealth. Real flowers smell delightful and can make a space seem inviting and therefore are a great addition when welcoming people.

You can pick up fresh flowers quite easily on the high street so if you need a bouquet on short notice you won’t struggle. If you have a little more time on your hands then pay a visit to a florist. A florist can arrange you a beautiful bouquet according to your specifications and will work with any favourite flowers or colours. Pick carefully and your flowers can reflect your personality and the style of the event.



If you are a hay fever sufferer then fresh flowers could be a no-go when it comes to events. There is nothing worse than being trapped in an enclosed space with flowers if you are a sufferer. Flowers can agitate allergies causing sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes. Not the best look on an important evening.

Although real flowers are readily sold, the blooms available will be dictated by the time of the year. Flowers are seasonal and grown depending on certain conditions. As a result you may not be able to source your favourite flowers when you need them.

As real flowers are living organisms they require food and water to grow and thrive. All fresh flowers need to be watered on a regular basis and if potted, planted in a bed of composting soil. If you decide to use fresh flowers at an event make sure not to fill a vase too high or place them precariously. You don’t want water accidentally tipped over your guests!

Order flowers well in advance but make sure they are not picked up until the very last minute. If out of water for a long period of time they will begin to wilt and die. With this the colours will brown, the stem will droop and the petals and pollen may fall off. This will not only look messy but the pollen may also stain clothing.

If you decide against the use of fresh flowers then take a look at our vast array of artificial flowers here on the GT Decorations website.

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