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Flowers And Interior Design

Flowers are frequently used in temporary situations, such as weddings or birthdays, however, they can work equally well as more long term items of decoration, either at home or in the workplace. This is because, although relatively simple and affordable, flowers can really transform the atmosphere of a space and add an extra dimension of vitality.

It is as colourful items of decoration that flowers can work wonders, and in spaces that are distinctly monochrome (such as an office environment) a vibrant splash of red or green can really add an extra dimension to the space, and make it that little bit more stylized.

In home decor, this is just one of the reasons why flowers are commonly used, either as real flowers, artificial flowers or even flowery prints. And in a space such as a home, that has to be as livable as it is functional, flowers are still the best way to counterbalance the purely functional; to create spaces that are great to live in.

Whilst flowers are one of the most important tools in the interior designer’s arsenal, they are not entirely perfect. And, if you decide to use real flowers there are certain issues that will undermine their usefulness. Most obviously, fresh flowers will begin to deteriorate pretty much immediately, and therefore there is a serious practical obstacle to their usage in the modern home.

By opting for artificial flowers and flower arrangements, however, the problems associated with real flowers are simply not there, and artificial flowers can exist in a space permanently, and become a part of the furniture.

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