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Feng Shui Flowers for Interiors

Are you a firm believer in the system of feng shui? Feng shui is the method of harmonizing the human experience from the surrounding environment. Moving furniture and the addition of fresh flowers to your home is a must do.

In feng shui, flowers represent delicate beauty, grace and sensuality. Fresh flowers are believed to give off a healing energy but images of flowers and artificial flowers are also frequently used. This is done as they may also bring flourishing good luck and blessings to a home.

Here are a few of the most popular feng shui flowers and their meanings:


If you are single and looking for love then display some peonies in your home. Alternatively an image of a poeny should not be hung in an older couples home as it may encourage an affair with a younger women. As you may have guessed, a pink peony is seen to represent feminine beauty, whereas a red peony is said to connote youthful love and romance.


Orchids have multiple meanings depending on their colour and where they are displayed. An orchid in a bedroom can symbolise fertility and in a living room they can bring family luck and harmony.

A purple orchid represents opportunity and success and they can also promote good chi for your career. An orchid has an energy of untainted natural symmetry and therefore is often used as an image of perfection. It can also be used to symbolise purity, spiritual growth, beauty and abundance.


You cannot get a flower that is seen as more perfect than a lotus in the teachings of feng shui. Due to its healing properties the lotus is often used in Chinese medicine and as a result is used to depict a healthy and harmonious home.

They can often be seen with Buddhas and is regarded as an image of good fortune and enlightenment. Similar to the orchid, the lotus can also symbolise success and abundance.


Cherry Blossom

A blossoming cherry branch brings new beginnings, freshness and innocence. It can be a health cure and a remedy to a failing love or marriage. Cherry blossoms overcome adversity and create longevity. This is the perfect thing to give someone as a get well soon gift.


This flower has strong yang energy and can attract good luck, it can create a life of ease and balance by placing a vase of chrysanthemums in your home. Chrysanthemums are traditionally displayed at harvest festivals as it is hoped they will bring their luck to grow a successful harvest. A chrysanthemum can also connote abundant joy and a long and fruitful life.

Of course feng shui isn’t entirely all about flowers, there are many other elements. Here are a few of the main points you should consider when decorating your home according to this philosophy:

  • De-clutter your home. You need to remove any old energy in order to create clear air.
  • Large windows are great for feng shui as these will create good quality light.
  • Purchase feng shui items such as a fountain, luck bamboo, Buddha image and crystals.
  • Choose your colour themes carefully. Each colour connotes different meanings according to the elements.

If you are looking to add some flowers to your home in order to improve your chi then take a look at the vast array on our product pages here at GT Decorations.

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