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Custom Creations

Do you have a special occasion coming up that you need to purchase flowers for? Perhaps your wedding is not far away and you are planning a DIY matrimony or maybe you are planning a party to celebrate your child’s christening?

Buy some artificial flowers online and get creative. Your guests will be complimenting on your unique flowers and asking you “where did you get those lovely flowers?” Not sure how to customise? Here’s a few ideas.


Dew drops

Want to make your artificial flowers look real as if they have been freshly picked this morning? Here’s how.

All you’ll need is a glue gun. Plug it in and wait for it to heat. When the glue starts to seep out knock it off as this will assure the glue is cooler making it easier to create circular dots of dew. Using the glue gun apply dots of glue to the outwards facing side of the petals. Work quickly and carefully before the glue hardens.

If you’re not quick enough don’t worry- you can plug the glue gun in and do it again.


Tie dye flowers

Are you looking for something unusual? Custom dye your artificial flowers for something that is truly unique. Plus it’s really quick to do!

Pick up some fabric dye in your chosen colours and some white or cream artificial flowers online. You’ll also need some plastic cups or old plastic containers. Dampen the flowers in water and tie up in string or using elastic bands. There are no rules to how you do this but remember the dye won’t take where the fabric is covered.

Mix up the dye in a cup or container and add a little water softener. Dip the flowers in the dye remove and hang upside down to dry over a covered surface just in case the dye drips. Leave overnight to ensure the flowers are completely dry.

When dry remove the string/elastic bands and admire your effects. You may have to steam the flowers as the bands may have distorted the shape.




Add a little sparkle

Give your flowers a light dusting of sparkling glitter to catch the light and draw the attention of any shiny loving magpie.

Mix up 1 part water with 2 parts PVA glue and using a brush paint the flowers wherever you would like the glitter to be. Sprinkle glitter onto the glue over a piece of newspaper. The glitter will stick to the glue and any leftovers can be returned to the glitter container using the fold in the newspaper as a funnel.

If you want a more subtle shine mix some glitter into the glue. As the glue sets clear the glitter will shine bright through. Place the flowers in a vase separately to dry.

If glitter and tie dye isn’t your thing then you could always add adornments to the centre of some artificial flowers. Add a jewel centre using a glue gun or recycle old materials such as buttons or brooches for a crafty vintage feel.     

So will you be getting out your glue gun and elastic bands? Don’t forget to send us some photos of your handy work!

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