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Choose Artificial Flowers Instead of Real Ones

Artificial flowers are increasingly popular in places from hotels to offices and wedding venues as an alternative to fresh ones, sometimes combined with fresh blooms to create a mixed arrangement.

The quality, range and realistic appearance of products like silk flowers is better than it’s ever been – there isn’t a single floral specimen which can’t now be reproduced in perfect detail. It’s often quite hard to tell which are artificial flowers and which ones are real!

Of course, synthetic floral arrangements can add instant life and brightness to any room. But there are other benefits too. Artificial flowers last longer, can be re-used, and because they are so sturdy, you can do whatever you like with them. You can tape, glue, tie, pin, string, and hang artificial blooms without damaging them. They are suitable for all weather conditions, won’t wilt in air-conditioning or central heating, and can be used inside as well as outdoors.

Equally, you can make up floral arrangements with any blooms you like – the flowers do not have to be in season.

So, when you consider all the benefits, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are turning to artificial floral arrangements such as silk flowers.

At GT Decorations, we are wholesale and retail suppliers of artificial and silk flowers, along with artificial greenery, foliage and trailing plants for professional and personal use. We offer fast turnaround, a wide product range and a high level of customer service. Our website has more information.

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