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Artificial flowers vs. The real McCoy

Are you undecided whether you prefer artificial or real flowers? Both have their appeals but which should you buy? Here at GT Decorations we are slightly biased as we are an artificial flowers UK retailer but to help you make your decision here is a coherent list of the pros and cons:

pink flowers

Artificial flowers


  • Artificial flowers will not cause allergy and hay fever flare ups so are a safe alternative.
  • Artificial flowers aren’t seasonal so you can get your favourite flowers at any time of year as long as they are in stock at a retailer.
  • These flowers don’t need planting in soil or placing in water. Saving you time, money and from possible spillages. You can place them in hard to reach places and you don’t need to worry about them dying if you go on holiday for a while and leave them.
  • They don’t require any maintenance.
  • They don’t attract bugs.
  • No need to repot as they grow- as they won’t change in size.
  • Artificial flowers don’t require sunlight and therefore can be placed in internal rooms with no windows.
  • They do not wilt and die as they are not alive meaning artificial flower mementos will last forever.
  • Artificial flowers can be reused and rearranged.
  • Lighter to hold than real flowers, artificial flowers will not weigh you down.


  • Some artificial flowers can be highly flammable. Keep them away from the fireplace or any candles as these are a fire hazard.
  • They mimic fresh flowers. They aren’t original.
  • Artificial flowers can look cheap and tacky if made from low quality fabric.
  • You will have to dust them every now and again.


Fresh flowers


  • Fresh flowers have been traditionally used in homes, at events or ceremonies.
  • They are the real deal. Not an imitation.
  • Real flowers smell gorgeous and can make a room feel fresh and inviting.
  • These are readily available in most supermarkets, garages and many more stores in a wide variety. So if you need some flowers at short notice that’s no problem.


  • Fresh flowers carry pollen and can agitate hay fever or allergies.
  • If out of season some flowers are extremely hard to source.
  • Fresh flowers need to be placed in water to survive. You will have to top this up over time and be careful not to spill it! Some will instead need soil or composting.
  • Petals and pollen can fall off making a mess.
  • They wilt and die meaning they need to be replaced on a regular basis.
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