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A Fresh Look without the Cost

Whether you’re a hotel or a big business with a public lobby or reception, you’ll know that “first impressions count” when people walk through your doors. A warm, well-lit, welcoming entrance is always enhanced by having flowers and tastefully selected plants.

All businesses need that first impression. But how can you achieve it and make it cost less? The answer would be to switch from fresh to artificial flowers. This industry has come in leaps and bounds since the old days of flowers that looked obviously fake and weren’t like the real thing. These days, you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference – in fact, the only give away would be lack of scent, because they look just as good.

How does this save your business money? Silk flowers don’t die of course, and you can still buy enough varieties of them to look ‘fresh’ and have new displays every now and again to keep up appearances. You can do this any time of year without waiting for growing seasons. They need little maintenance, and you won’t need to hire an internal gardener for the watering. A little dusting may be all that’s required to keep them looking ‘fresh’ – something your cleaning team can do quite easily and in no time.

Artificial greenery is becoming commonplace and is replacing fresh displays in many businesses. If you’re spending a fortune on fresh flower displays and the work that comes with them, consider switching to artificial flowers – there’s nothing artificial about the savings you’ll make.

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