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3 Child-Friendly Decor Tips

Whether you’re buying for a doctor’s surgery or a restaurant, it’s more than likely there will be the pitter-patter of tiny feet somewhere in your place of business. We predominately deal with business clients, giving us a fantastic insight into the various challenges faced by hotels, churches, hospitals, and even zoos!
• Avoid real plants and flowers that could cause allergies. According to advice website,, childhood allergies are on the rise. Many are food-based, but hayfever and environmental allergies are also increasingly common. Artificial greenery and wonderfully crafted silk flowers mark the ideal solution to potential environmental allergies in your venue.
• Heavy pots and vases can present a health hazard. Small children could tug on the trails of a real ivy plant and perhaps pull the soil-filled pot onto them, causing injury. Artificial greenery is ideally suited to such situations due to it being lightweight and no heavy soil being necessary. Damage is far less of an issue with artificial plants, too. It also lets kids see the brilliance of nature without you spending thousands on exotic plants!
• Teaching children about nature is a necessary and brilliant part of their development. We meet lots of parents who are eager to invite elements of the natural world into the lives of their little ones… but are perhaps a bit wary of stray fingers plucking flowers and eating leaves! Decorating your venue with our hardy silk flowers and greenery can help safeguard inquisitive little hands, keeping nature explorations where they belong (i.e. not around the dining table at a luxury wedding venue!)

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