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Bird's Nest Fern Artificial Plant (60cm Diameter) in Green

Artificial Bird's Nest Fern
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Beautiful artificial silk bird's nest fern plant with approximately 27 leaves. This plant is delivered flat packed, so please see below for arranging tips. Great for home decoration when real plants can't thrive.
Vase/pot not included.

Arranging your Bird's Nest Fern Artificial Plant

Although it is delivered completely assembled, arranging will be required to give this fern its natural appearance.
Start by looking at the stem of the plant. You will see that it splits into 4 stalks which hold the leaves. Hold the stem in one hand and use the other to separate the 3 outer stalks from the center, and rotate them into symmetric positions around the middle.
Alternatively you may prefer to do this sitting down and holding the main stem between your knees.

You can then start to rotate the individual leaves or fronds. A good result is achieved by alternating left and right, but you may wish to experiment how to best fill any gaps. The leaves are wired, so that to give the artificial plant the look of a typical fern you should work from the root of the leaf to the tip and, while rotating it as above, bend the leaf gently outwards and downwards bit by bit.
The above steps can of course be done in sequence rather than simultaneously and you may in any case need to repeat to ensure that no obvious large gaps remain.

Removing creases: The leaves of the bird's nest fern are naturally creased or wavy around the edges, but due to packaging there can be some leaves that end up folded lengthways. Many such folds will be removed automatically by the tension that is created when the leaves are bent during arranging, but if they remain you may try placing the plant in the bathroom while taking a hot bath or shower. In most cases the steam will remove any folds.

Data & Approximate Measurements:

60cm (2ft)
40cm (16")
12cm (5")


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