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Complementing fresh with artificial flowers

As a wedding florist you need to juggle the couple’s budget, your own time, and most importantly the customers’ requirements and expectations. Artificial flower bouquets are increasingly popular, but many brides still enjoy holding fresh flowers on their big day.

But unfortunately fresh flowers may not always be the most viable option. The chosen flowers may be out of season, the colours not naturally available, or due to the size of the venue the use of fresh flowers throughout could be costly, as well as difficult to manage (preparation, storage, assembly, etc).

Ready-made table arrangements or garlands made from artificial flowers can be an alternative option:

  • They can easily be customised to suit the couple’s theme.
  • They can be cheaper to buy.
  • More convenient to store and handle.
  • Less delicate, can be put up in advance and even by inexperienced personnel or casual helpers.
  • Potentially reusable (see below).
  • The overall result is a reduction in your time and costs.
  • But pay attention to any fire safety requirements of the venue: If necessary non-IFR (inherently fire resistant) fabric flowers can be sprayed with commercially available fireproofing chemicals to comply.

The best of both worlds…

…can be achieved by the combination of fresh and artificial flowers. This is not restricted to fresh flowers for the bridal party versus artificial venue decoration, but they can also be cleverly combined within a single arrangement – blurring the lines further and provoking guests to question whether the decorations are in fact real or not. This means that out of season flowers can be incorporated as artificials in a bouquet of locally grown fresh flowers.

Finally, there’s also potential for renting or selling pre-made wedding decorations to give your customers added choice and value. Other than a spray of Febreeze, flowers that can be used a second time following a rental do not cost you extra in material outlay either!

Have you combined fresh and artificial flowers on a project? Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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