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Create the Right Setting with Silk Flower Arrangements and Greenery

The most successful hotels these days invest a lot of time and effort in thinking about interior design. A large part of this is getting the right balance of decorations and pieces that are going to complete the ‘look’ of the room. One of the simplest ways to add finishing touches to a room is to add some silk flower arrangements and greenery.

The exterior of the building should look inviting yet luxurious at the same time. A great way to get the balance right is to add some trailing plants and high quality artificial greenery. This will not need as much maintenance and as GT Decorations offer a wide range of luxurious artificial flowers and plants, you will always be able to find something to suit the image of your business.  The reception area would also benefit from having a large plant as these areas are usually lit very brightly. Adding some artificial greenery will help tone it down, while adding to the homely atmosphere.

Inside, the dining room should look attractive and make the customer want to spend some time there. After all, the more comfortable and homely a room looks in a hotel, the more relaxed your customer will feel. Plants and silk flowers will help you achieve this look. They can even be coordinated to match the season of the year or to match the furnishings and colour scheme of the hotel. Classic designs will also add warmth and ambience to the room.

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