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The Beauty Of True Blue

Blue is a popular wedding colour, especially pale blue for spring and navy blue for fall or winter. But if there is one colour that is hard to find in nature, it’s blue. So if you want to provide a wedding venue that offers everything the bride needs, why not consider some high quality silk flowers in shades of blue?
Floral arrangements are one of the most important parts of a wedding scene, after the venue itself. When a prospective bride visits a venue she wants to see it at its best, all decorated and ready for a wedding to take place.
You may want to keep other themes and colours on hand so that you can change them out depending on what the bride wants. But here are some ‘true blue’ flowers that we think you’ll love.
For the bridal bouquet, consider our 12 Artificial Silk Flowers Rose Bud Stems in baby blue (product #30133413.) They can be used as decorations or favours, but simply tie with a pretty ribbon and you have an instant bouquet for the bride or bridesmaids.
A lovely decoration for the head table, or for draping over the entrance way, is our Chain Link Artificial Ivy Leaf Garland with Forget-me-not Flowers (product#21023192.) The pale blue of the forget-me-nots is accented with small white berries.
These are just a few examples of the many lovely blue floral arrangements and silk flowers we have on at GT Decorations. To see more, visit the home page, and choose a colour filter to find exactly what you are looking for.

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