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Making Best Use Of Artificial Flowers

At GT Decorations we have a fantastic array of artificial floral arrangements and silk flowers that are great as permanent or semi-permanent decorations of a venue or business. If you are looking for a solution that brings some organic life to what were once cold and sterile areas and don’t have the funds to be able to continuously reinvest and keep real flowers, then artificial alternatives might be the superior option. We have a great selection of bushes, single stalk flowerheads, bouquets, buttonholes and corsages as well as table decorations, floral arrangements and garlands and hanging decorations. We even do potted arrangements which can be great for receptions and waiting rooms. Hotels in particular benefit from our bushes and potted options since they have to be able to clean the entire area which may not allow real plants to live or gain the sufficient amount of sunlight that they require. This is on top of the fact that having a florist or gardener constantly tending to plants in a reception can cause unwanted disruption in what could be a very busy place.

We have gone to great lengths to design flowers that will perfectly fit in the area that you need them for. Floral arrangements can be particularly pleasing to the eye, since they can contain many vibrant colours that are natural yet distinctive. Wedding receptions in particular will choose colour schemes that fit with the image of the company and the tradition, with the white roses typically being used. However, we do carry some variations including pink roses as part of the perfect bouquet that can add some much needed variety. For those businesses who are looking to differentiate themselves, they might think about a yellow mini rosebuds that evoke springtime in much the same way that daffodils do. This is a great way to advertise your company and set yourselves apart from the competition – purely through which flowers you are choosing.

Interior decorators too might make use of silk flowers for show homes on new estates where it is not possible to keep real flowers, but because flowers themselves have such a powerful effect on people, artificial varieties help to build up the picture nonetheless. An artificial silk flower rose berries bush that comes in yellow, cream, salmon and lilac can be adapted to the overall colour scheme of the house and can find use again and again. They can also be placed in a vase to complete the image without the worry of leaves dropping off or the expense of buying the flowers in the first place. Our quality options can be used time and time again and are designed to be highly realistic with textures, colours and tints that you would find on real flowers. The stems also receive a lot of attention with thorns and ridges pronounced to complete the look. Also great for show houses are decorative figurines of cherubs and angels that are highly affordable at £2.40 each.


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