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How to Recycle Your Seasonal Flowers

We are well into January now yet you still have your dried up poinsettia sitting on your hearth or it is littering up your utility room or garden patio. Seasonal flowers look lovely at the time but in later weeks look rather out of place. You don’t want to throw them out though. Can you make something useful from them?


If you are into gardening then composting flowers may seem like the obvious choice. This way you will be breathing life into next year’s flourishes with this year’s wilt. If you don’t already have one you can pick up a composting bin from your local supermarket or home improvement store.

Place your bin on grass or soil in direct sunlight or partial shade. Top up with your biodegradable waste and leave for the ingredients to degrade. Once done use to plant new plants and trees.


Potpourri is a great addition to any home and smells lovely. Plus it’s easy to make! Simply mix your dried petals with dried lavender, cinnamon sticks, cloves, root powder and an essential oil of your choice. Decant into small cotton pull bags to be placed amongst your underwear or shoes or place in a decorative bowl on a table.


Have you ever thought about making your own paper? It’s not as hard as it sounds and you can mix in wilting flower blooms for added interest. This paper is great if you are into your crafts, especially for homemade cards or thank you letters.


Get artsy and make a dried flower wreath to hang on your wall. To make this you will need to buy a wicker wreath to form the base. To this add a twine handle from which you will hang the wreath and fix the flowers using a glue gun. The wreath should be completely covered with no gaps. Easy right?

Artificial Flowers

Of course if you have purchased artificial flowers you won’t have these issues. You simply have to pack them away ready for next year. To do this without crushing or damaging the blooms, wrap the artificial flowers in grease proof tissue paper and store in a cardboard box or plastic storage container. You can then put this away in the attic or garage with the other Christmas items ready for next Christmas.
If you don’t think you will use these flowers again then you could always recycle the stems. Purchase some new flower heads online and simply swap them over. This will be cheaper than buying new flowers and is easy to do.  Other options include selling the flowers online or giving them to a charity shop.
Now you know how to recycle your seasonal flowers what will you be doing with yours? Let us know through Twitter on @GTDecorations

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