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Botanically-correct Flower Arrangements

There are plenty of reasons to make manufactured floral arrangements as true to life as possible. Firstly, passing for the real thing is often a goal for the creators of plastic and fabric flowers, and getting all the little botanical details right goes a long way towards allowing a viewer to accept a silk rose as a real rose or a fabric daisy as a real daisy.

It’s not just about shape and colour. Flower petals have different textures. A rose petal has a soft, velvety sheen and a holly leaf has a waxy look to it. The best flowers made today recreate the textures of each different component – petals, leaves, and stem – for the most realistic look.

Artificial greenery is also important. Not only does it provide a contrasting colour that is pleasing to the eye, it also helps us recognise the flower species being represented. We know that a long-stemmed rose should have leaves and we know what those shape and colour those leaves should have.

We are proud to offer a huge selection of artificial greenery, individual flowers, and flower arrangements, many of which are made to the highest standards and with the finest materials. The best of them are as realistic as any on the market and preserve as many characteristics of the model flower as possible. With our finest flowers on the table, a party of wedding guests or restaurant diners won’t stop to wonder whether or not they are real. It won’t even occur to them that they might not be.

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