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Alternative floral arrangements

Take a trip to any high end venue or hotel and take a look around. It’s the little touches that make these places special. Whether it’s a high class city hotel or a stately home in the country, the attention to detail with the décor and floral arrangements really elevate them about the everyday and ordinary.

The traditional wedding has changed beyond all recognition. People now get married in all kinds of different places. It might be a castle, it might be a hotel. Either way this is now big business and these venues compete for this kind of business. For a wedding everything has to be just perfect. Couples have dreamt about and planned this day for years. Flowers are a big part of any wedding, but is it absolutely essential to have real ones? Yes they are beautiful, but they are expensive and it seems a shame to put them to waste.

Artificial flowers are a great alternatives. It’s still possible to put great floral arrangements together without having to use real flowers. Artificial flowers are made from all kinds of beautiful fabrics, like silk for example. It’s possible to create beautiful eye catching displays without having pick a single flower.

For venue managers these flowers are far more practical and cost effective. They are still beautiful, but don’t need to be replaced week after week. It helps keep wedding costs down, but without compromising on the spectacle of the big day itself. Maybe it’s time to make the switch.

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