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Easter Bonnet Parade Ideas

Elsie's Easter Bonnet by Dave Haygarth

We’ve just had Mother’s Day and before you know it Easter will be just around the corner. Have you got your Easter bonnet ready for the parade? No? Well, here is a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Why Do We Wear Easter Bonnets?

Easter has traditionally been a time in which people don their best clothes in order to celebrate the New Year – until as recent as 1751 New Year used to be on 25th March (Lady Day) in Britain and its dominions. Easter is also said to represent the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption. Irving Berlin once referenced the famous Easter bonnet when describing the Easter parade in New York City. He said,

‘In your Easter bonnet

With all the frills upon it,

You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade’.

Today in the 21st century children proudly wear these homemade hats in infant school during Easter services or celebrations. These hats are usually white wide-brimmed straw or fabric hats which are hand decorated.

Easter Bonnet Ideas

If you are designing and making a bonnet for your child this April then stock up on artificial flowers, plastic baby chicks, cardboard eggs and of course ribbon. Here are a few design ideas which you may like to make:

Garden Headband

This design is simple to make and the crafting can be shared between you and your child making it a fun bonding activity. Cut a long strip of green card that is about 15cm wide and wrap it around your child’s head like a sweat band. Staple the card together to form a circle that fits their head and cut off any excess. This will form the basis of the headband.

Cut out strips of grass from the leftover card and stick these to the outside of the headband. On the inside attach green pipe cleaners ensuring they stick out from the hat a good 10cm. Add crepe paper or paper cut out flowers to the tops of the pipe cleaners. We think daffodils and tulips would be great for this time of year. The final touches are to add a tiny ladybug to the front of the headband with some red card. And voila! Your garden headband is complete.

If you are short on time then take a look at our artificial single flower heads. You could use them rather than making your own flowers!

Bunny Top Hat

Head down to your local fancy dress shop or online distributor and purchase a cheap top hat. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t black – in fact the brighter the colour the better! To the front section of the hat add two cut out rabbit years from white and pink cardboard that will flop over slightly. Finish your bunny top hat by adding a huge glittery and colourful bow to the front. Or you could even surround the brim in a ring of artificial flower heads. Blooming marvellous!

Chick Cap

Do you have an old baseball cap hanging around that you or your children no longer wear? Then recycle it and make your crafting task a little easier. If the cap is yellow then it can save you even more work but not to worry if not, the colour can easily be covered with multiple layers of yellow tissue paper and some good fabric glue.

The peak of the hat will form the chicks beak so just above you will want to draw on some eyes. The easiest way is to cut out semi circles of white paper. Stick the white paper shapes to the hat so that the flat edge meets the seam of the cap. Draw on some pupils with a black marker pen and your chic cap is complete.

Now you know what you are making, quick, get crafting! Easter is just around the corner!

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