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Why Choose GT-Decorations.

A good question that anybody should ask themselves when looking to purchase anything in general. Well in the context of floral arrangements, customers are generally looking for two main attractive selling points. These are quality, and affordability. It is a constant battle trying to find quality artificial flowers for a good price. You need to look no further however. Here at GT-decorations we pride ourselves on working towards offering our customers quality but affordable products. We adopt some simple standards to help us to achieve us.

On the quality side of things, we focus about the quality of the materials that we use, and the quality of the craftsmanship. Our floral arrangements are made from synthetics, not actual silk. The term ‘silk flowers’ is actually rather ambiguous, as the majority of ‘silk flowers’ are not silk. We choose to use synthetics as they have far more advantages than actual silk. Synthetics are washable, able to be ironed, less likely to fade, and far cheaper. Do not let the term ‘cheaper’ make you think that they lack quality however, as this would be incorrect. All of our synthetics are made to only the highest quality standards, and have been proven to be durable and greatly aesthetic.

Not only do we provide quality within an affordable price range, but we also provide many other services. Our online service helps to keep costs down, and makes sure that your details are fully secure. All orders are dispatched in hours, not days. Also there is no minimum order limit, and discounts are available to larger orders of trailing plants.

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