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When You Can’t Get The Flowers You Need

Are you planning your wedding for a time of year when you can’t get a certain type of flower? Perhaps you have always dreamed of carrying a bouquet of lily of the valley, but your wedding is in the fall and you can only get these flowers in the spring?
Never fear, because when you can’t get the fresh flowers you need, you can always substitute them with high quality, beautiful artificial flowers from GT Decorations. We cater for all kinds of events and wedding venues with all the gorgeous artificial flowers and artificial greenery you could ever need.
Our 31cm Artificial Silk Flower Rose Stephanotis Lily of Valley Bouquet (product #20426252) is a beautiful artificial flower bouquet that is ideal for the classic wedding theme. It can be used either as a bridal or bridesmaid’s boquet, and you could even put it in a case and use it as a table arrangement.
Another lovely choice for a bridal bouquet when you can’t find the fresh flowers you need is the 32cm Artificial Silk Flower Stephanotis Ivy Lily of Valley Crystal Astilbe Fern Bouquet (product #20426392.)
This bouquet features beautiful artificial silk Stephanotis bush, lily of valley, green ivy, and astilbe, accented by crystals and ferns. A beautiful bridal bouquet, or can also be used for bridesmaids.
These are just a few examples of the gorgeous artificial flowers we can offer in replacement of those fresh flowers that are not available when you are planning your wedding.

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