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What’s Your Birth Flower?


Give a unique and personal present to someone you love on their birthday with a gift of their birth flower. Not sure which flower represents which month? At GT we have created this handy guide to help you give the gift of flowers:


Those born in the new year are given the birth flower of a carnation. These flowers have many meanings including distinction, fascination and loyalty. They also can represent purity and pride. Carnations should be given to a person you love who is a beauty born in this month.


Violets are the birth flower for those born in the second month of the year. These flowers are symbols of faithfulness, wisdom and hope – characteristics that those born in this month are said to have.


March 1st is St David’s Day in Wales and therefore those born in March are given the birth flower of a daffodil, the national flower of Wales. Daffodils are given to a friend or loved one you hold in high regard as they represent respect and domestic happiness. Due to March being the beginning of spring these flowers also connote rebirth.


April babes are represented by the sweet pea. These flowers represent modesty and simplicity. Sweet peas are dainty flowers on a climbing plant and come in pink and purple shades. Sweet peas are wild and use other plants as support in order to grow.


The end of spring is celebrated with the lily of the valley. These flowers are symbols of humility, chastity and sweetness and are often given to young or innocent individuals.


Summer babies are represented by the classic rose. Roses come in a variety of colours and these shades reflect different meanings. The classic red rose is the most popular of these flora and is a sign of love, romance and appreciation.


As the year enters its second half we are greeted by July and the larkspur. A less common flower, the larkspur is a deep shade of purple and is considered highly toxic to humans. The larkspur represents levity and lightness.


Although these flowers are commonly seen in November, August’s birth flower is a poppy. They’re a flower of remembrance, but these herbaceous flowers are often bought for their bright red colouring. Poppies are a medicinal flower and are a source of both opium and morphine.


September’s children are gifted with two birth flowers: the aster and the forget-me-not. The asters have an appearance similar to a purple gerbera and the forget-me-not or ‘mouse’s ear’ is blue or white flowering plant with over 200 species. These flowers are symbols of patience, daintiness and remembrance.


The misty blue limonium is also a lesser known flower and is said to be named from the mist of the water or that it can represent the controlling of movement. Limonium is a genus with over 120 species including the sea lavender, statice and march rosemary.


November’s child is represented by the chrysanthemum. A flower of compassion, friendship and secret love; give a gift of a chrysanthemum to someone you have a crush on.


Those born at the end of the year have the birth flower of narcissus. These flowers look similar to a daffodil but are said to represent the sweetness of the person who receives it.

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