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The Value and Benefits of Artificial Flowers

Many more private, corporate and commercial customers are opting for artificial and silk flowers instead of fresh flowers these days. Indeed, everyone from hotel managers and wedding planners to restaurant owners and office managers are now choosing to decorate their premises and venues with artificial blooms rather than the ‘real deal’.

If you operate in any of the above sectors and have not yet embraced the advantages of artificial floral arrangements, you will no doubt be asking yourself one simple question: ‘What value do synthetic flowers really have, and more importantly; how can they benefit my business or enterprise?’

Hopefully, this article will answer your question.

The truth is artificial flower arrangements offer a great deal in the way of value. This is because they are able to replicate the beauty and colours of real flowers with astonishing accuracy. Indeed, some artificial variants are so convincing that only a trained eye could tell they are synthetic. However, whilst artificial and silk flowers are expertly realised with the finest colours and attention to detail, they still cost less than real flowers. Indeed, most artificial blooms are not only less expensive to purchase than real flowers, they also incur significantly less expense as they do not need to be replaced every week. These savings can be significant in large establishments which traditionally like to have lots of flowers on display. In fact, one luxury hotel in the Cotswolds managed to save in excess of £10,000 last year by replacing its real life floral arrangements with artificial displays.

As well as significant cost savings, artificial flower arrangements are also able to provide aesthetic benefits too. Unlike real flowers, artificial blooms never lose their beauty with the ravages of time. To be sure, these delicate yet durable options are able to maintain their shape and colour so that they can continue to provide pleasure for years to come.

So now that you know the true value of artificial and silk flower options, and realise how beneficial they can be to your enterprise, you are most likely wondering: ‘Where’s the best place to get them?’

Well, artificial greenery, foliage, flower displays and trailing plants are now far more widely available than they once were; therefore you will find plenty of outlets and retailers selling their wares online. Of course, not all suppliers of synthetic flower products are made equal. So, if you are looking to source high quality artificial flower arrangements from a reputable company that has unrivalled experience in the industry, you really ought to make us here at GT Decorations your first and only port of call.

As one of the UK’s leading wholesale and retail synthetic foliage suppliers, we are able to supply the finest silk and artificial flowers, artificial greenery, foliage and trailing plants available for both professional and personal use.

So, if you’re looking for great value flowers that will benefit your enterprise, look no further than us here at GT Decorations.

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