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The Joy of Having Artificial Flowers in Hospitality-Based Businesses

Many people who run hospitality-based businesses like restaurants, cafes and hotels dot fresh flowers around their public areas to make them look nicer and feel fresher. The fact is, however, that no matter how well watered or cared for they are, fresh flowers are living creatures which – once harvested from life-giving soil and taken away from the sustenance of nutrients and sunlight – will eventually wither away and die, probably in little more than a week.

How then can business owners in the hospitality industry get the look and freshness of fresh flowers AND enjoy them for a prolonged period of time?

Well, there is thankfully a very simple answer – use artificial flowers as an elegantly beautiful and simple alternative to fresh flowers!

Like fresh flowers, synthetic floral arrangements can add genuine character and colour to a plain looking reception, drab foyer or sterile eating area. Unlike fresh blooms however, business owners will not have to pay through the nose to replace them every week.

Indeed, it is fair to say that synthetic arrangements have a number of significant benefits when compared to fresh flowers. The following are perhaps the three most important:

They’re Not Real – But They Look Real!

Modern artificial blooms are not just available in a myriad of different colours; they are also crafted to look exactly like real flowers. In fact, many people who believe they know more than a thing or two about flowers simply cannot tell the difference between real and synthetic variants when they see high quality artificial blooms which have been exquisitely designed to include the smallest of details.

They Don’t Make Customers Sneeze!

Many flowers – like Jasmine and sunflowers – elicit allergic reactions from the general population. Obviously, this is not what owners of restaurants, cafe and hotels want in their public areas. Synthetic flowers have no pollen – therefore there is no problem.

They Last for Years and Require Little Maintenance

People who buy artificial flowers don’t need to worry about them wilting or losing their colour. Nor do they need to constantly check on their condition to see when their deterioration is such that they need to be removed from sight. In addition, owners of hospitality based businesses who buy synthetic floral arrangements don’t need to trim them like they do living plants. There is also no need to feed them, buy vitamins for them or water in the same way as they would need to do with fresh-cut living plants and flowers. Moreover, concerns about flower or plant pots leaking and water or mould adversely affecting wooden floors or carpets can all be put to one side when synthetic blooms are the order of the day.

Quite simply, artificial flowers will help to make any venue look nice and feel fresh without any fuss for a good long while – and all they need to do this is a quick dusting around the leaves and petals every once in a while!

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