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The Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers

Flowers can add a touch of personality to any room, from a restaurant to a hotel reception to a hair salon.  While real flowers are beautifully scented and extremely attractive, they have many disadvantages.  There are numerous benefits to using silk flowers in your floral arrangements.

Real flowers are very expensive and last only a few days.  Artificial flowers are manufactured to an extremely high standard and can last a lifetime.  There’s no need for water; all a silk flower needs is to be dusted once a week, eliminating the inevitable spillages!  Silk flowers don’t require fertiliser insect spray.  There’s also no chance of artificial flowers being attacked by insects or becoming mouldy.

Silk flowers can be reused many times.  An arrangement can easily be taken apart and rearranged if you fancy something different following a redecoration.  If you choose artificial flowers for a wedding, or other special occasions, they can be arranged into an attractive display for the home – a lasting reminder of a special day.

Artificial flowers are extremely hard-wearing and long lasing.  They can easily be formed into any floral arrangements required without danger of them breaking or petals falling off.  You need not take care when handling artificial flowers, unlike real ones.  You can even use glue, sticky tape or staples on them!

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to artificial flowers.  Choosing them for floral displays mean that you’ll have attractive and eye catching arrangements for years to come!

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