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The Benefits of Having Artificial Flowers in the Workplace

It is quite amazing just how far artificial flower arrangements have come over the last few years. Indeed, it wasn’t really that long ago when synthetic flowers could be immediately identified as being ‘fake’ from ten yards away.

Today’s artificial flowers however are so realistic that even bees and butterflies cannot tell the difference (until they realise that there is no pollen for them to eat). In fact, with advanced craft techniques and modern dyes and materials, just about any flower can be faithfully reproduced in all its glory in an artificial setting. This means that any area or environment that might benefit from the addition of a few beautiful blooms can now turn to synthetic flowers instead of paying out for the real thing.

As well as providing charm and colour to domestic settings, synthetic flowers can also be used to great effect in business environments too. Indeed, there are a number of unique benefits which artificial floral arrangements can bring to any business premises.

Visually appealing

The visual appeal of bright, healthy looking flowers should never be under-estimated. Indeed, it doesn’t matter if they are noticed by employees, executives, visitors or investors; the aesthetically pleasing qualities of synthetic flowers really can help to brighten up anybody’s day.


The fact that there are so many high-quality artificial flower options around these days makes artificial greenery perhaps the most versatile decorative option available for businesses. Indeed, companies can choose to have beautiful looking flowers like roses, lily and orchids adorning their premises in fabrics that range from silk to velvet. This versatility allows synthetic flowers to be placed in a variety of different settings and therefore be used in a variety of different ways. For instance, a few flowers on each table in a staff cafeteria can help to make lunch breaks a far more pleasant affair. Similarly, some well-arranged and carefully placed blooms in reception areas can bring a much-needed dash of colour to what are often quite stern environments.


Let’s face it; most people in workplaces are just too busy to be going around watering real flowers every other day. Naturally, this means that real flowers in business premises rarely get to enjoy a very long lifespan. Synthetic flower arrangements on the other hand require minimal care and attention so they are far easier to keep on top of than real flowers and of course last much, much longer.


Obviously, the point of business is to make money. However, consistently dipping into profits to pay for real flowers every few days does not make great business sense. Synthetic flowers are a far more cost-effective option as they do not need replacing anywhere near as often. Indeed, depending on the size of their premises, a company can make considerable savings by investing in artificial blooms.

If you would like your business premises to benefit from the addition of some beautiful synthetic flowers, get in touch with us here at GT Decorations.

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