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The Advantages Of Artificial Flowers

It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but flowers really do enhance the overall atmosphere of a room. The effect of flowers psychologically should not be underestimated. A recent study has shown that both men and women are more productive in a work environment that is furbished with plenty of greenery. Perhaps it is because flowers have a beneficial impact on a person’s state of mind and general well being. After all, a happy work force is able to generate more ideas and generally be more productive. However, flowers in the work place do not tend to last for very long, they require watering and a good light source, and even then they will only live for a few weeks at most. Artificial flowers could be the answer to this problem.

Artificial Materials

Artificial greenery is made of a variety of materials with long term benefits. When making a flower out of artificial materials it is important that the flower looks realistic, which can be a difficult feat when considering the range of shapes and textures found in nature. Some plants have thick branches and chunky leaves with a waxy finish, others are more delicate, their petals almost translucent. The best man-made flowers should fool whoever sees them into thinking they are the genuine article, after all, you still want the benefits that flowers can provide.


‘Silk’ flowers is are cheap, resistant and durable, making them one of the most popular artificial flowers on the market. The term ‘silk’ is used to describe flowers that are made form any synthetic fabric such as polyester, velvet and even foam. A ‘silk’ flower is washable and its colours do not fade quickly when placed outside or under strong lights. The materials can be shaped into a variety of forms and they are able to retain these structures very well, making them very suitable for outdoor display as well as on the office desk.


Plastic coated branches and stems make for flexible flowers that can be arranged into life-like formations. Artificial greenery usually has a joint stem, meaning that they can be installed in a pot or vase. Wired and non-wired garlands are available, too. A wired flower is more rigid and can therefore retain its shape much better, whereas a non-wired flower is easier to wrap and bend around objects.


Artificial foliage is very easy to customise. Although you cannot design your own colour and shape of plant, with an array of flowers to choose from arranging a display to meet your bespoke work or function needs could not be easier. Advice is even at hand to suggest which flowers compliment each other.

While the sight and smell of fresh flowers is sure to liven up any work environment, there is nothing worse then entering a room and seeing sagging, wilting flowers. With synthetic flowers you get the best of both worlds, lush, realistic greenery that does not shed its petals and requires comparatively little maintenance.

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