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Silk flowers are perfect in hotels

People are tired of chain hotels. They might all offer the same décor and facilities, which might be of some comfort for travellers who like things the same no matter where they are in the world, but for everyone else it’s dull boring and predictable.

This explains the rise of the more individual boutique hotel. These places are far more interesting. Some have themes, but visitors can be assured a very different experience from the big chains. They are quirky, fun and much more stylish.
Running a boutique hotel can be a challenge. Owners and managers need a flair for style. It’s the little touches that set them apart. Like flowers for example. Now arranging fresh flowers every week is expensive and time consuming, which is why artificial flowers offer a great alternative. It’s not tacky or second rate. Just look at how beautiful silk flowers can be for example. Modern artificial flowers are made from all kinds of beautiful fabrics and come in a range of striking designs.

Of course these hotels want to give their customers the ultimate in style and luxury, but they have to think about the practical and balance their books too. It’s much more environmentally friendly too. Silk flowers look great and last. There’s no need to uproot and destroy real flowers over and over again.

Thanks to these artificial alternatives hotel owners can be smart and stylish without compromising. It’s amazing just how good these flowers can look. Maybe it’s time to give them a try?

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