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Shake Up Tradition With Artificial Floral Arrangements At Weddings

Weddings are monumental days that take years of planning and preparation. Everything has to be considered, from the clothes to the guests, the venue and the band. Details as meticulous as napkins and the shape of confetti are poured over with great consideration to deliver what both the bride and groom, and the host of carefully chosen guests, will remember for years to come. Seeing as weddings involve family and friends, it is important that everything is perfect, after all a wedding is a celebration of love that you will want to look back on in years to come.

However, this quest for perfection does not mean that there is a set formula for ‘the perfect wedding’, in fact there are so many variations that a whole array of specialist magazines cater to niche interests. Shaking up tradition can result in dynamic, enjoyable and memorable wedding days that everyone will enjoy. With a society currently acutely aware of economic and environmental concerns, making the most out of what you have is becoming a key factor with contemporary weddings. Saving money with artificial floral arrangements is one area in particular that could serve you well.

Artificial Foliage

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding, they go together like fish and chips or bread and butter. They liven up even the most majestic of venues and provide a sense of openness and calm. The impact of flowers in almost any given environment is that people become happier, which can help propel a wedding into new heights of enjoyment. However, there is some debate over whether artificial floral arrangements are sacrilege or a saviour.

An artificial arrangement of a variety of flowers comes with a set of unique and innovative advantages when it comes to weddings. With synthetic trailing plants you can create a sprawling, natural effect with total control. Plastic coated wiring makes synthetic foliage flexible and arrangeable, leaving you to focus on the events of the day.

Control is ideal for a day where everything has to go right, but there are some fun uses for synthetic plants too. Given that ‘silk’ plants do not wither and drop petals like their organic counterparts, they can make a unique souvenir of the big day. If the top layer of a wedding cake is supposed to be reserved for the bride and groom’s baby, why not keep a selection of the foliage to decorate the house? They can act as a constant reminder of the wedding, as well as livening up a hallway or living room. And when it comes to tossing the bouquet at the end of the ceremony, why not do it with an artificial bunch that can be kept for years?

Synthetic trailing plants, bouquets and table displays can make a wedding ceremony safe, lively and unique. Made of sustainable materials, they are built to last through the most raucous of wedding ceremonies and can be treasured for years afterwards.

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